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SODEMO - Editorial information.

Editorial information

Official SODEMO Internet Site

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"Public" or "Official" documents are not protected by any copyright, and may be reproduced freely.
The information taken from this site can only be used by individuals, associations or in a professional context. Use of such information for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.
Reproduction of such documents, whether on paper or in digital format, must comply with the following:

- they must be distributed free of charge;

- they must be the unaltered document, without any modification;

- credit must be given explicitly to www.sodemo.nc, together with the mention "all reproduction rights reserved and limited".

All other material found within the site constitutes intellectual property and is covered by copyright laws. Such material may not be downloaded or copied without prior authorisation of the holder of the copyright.

Graphics, photos, videos:

No graphic, photographic or other multi-media material may be reproduced without prior authorisation. For graphics and illustrations, permission must be sought from the holders of the copyright.
Creating links to www.sodemo.nc
SODEMO allows the creation of hypertext links to its site, provided that:

- these are not "automatic links", meaning that pages of SODEMO's website may not be integrated into another site, but they may be accessible through the opening of a separate window;

- the source which directs to the contents through a hypertext link be defined;

The information taken from this site can only be used by individuals, associations or in a professional context. Use of such information for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.
This authorisation does not apply to Internet sites containing racist, pornographic, xenophobic or political content, or more generally likely to offend.

Contents, Warnings

Official documents:

The greatest care has been given to providing the complete documents online, but errors or omissions are always possible.
Links to other sites.
SODEMO's site contains links to other Internet sites, whether public or private, French or foreign.
These links are only meant for the convenience of the user, and SODEMO is in no way responsible or liable for their contents.
Protection of privacy
No personal data will be recorded without your knowledge
No personal data recorded with your permission will be given to any third party.

Statistical data:

In order to better understand the needs and interests of visitors to its site, SODEMO may record the number of visits, the number of pages visited, the activity of the site, or the number of return visits. To this end, the site may use "cookies". You may, if you wish, refuse such cookies or delete them – this will not affect your ability to navigate through the site. Should you wish to block cookies, consult your browser's Help file for instructions.
SODEMO may also use connection data in their study of site use patterns. The IP addresses used for this will not be kept more than 24 hours.

E-mails to SODEMO:

E-mail messages sent to SODEMO, and the e-mail addresses of the senders, will only be kept as long as they are needed to address the matter concerned.

Subscribers List:

SODEMO issues information from time to time to a list of addresses. This list contains only the addresses of persons who specifically requested to subscribe. Subscription to this service may be terminated online by the user at any time. The issue of information is managed technically by the firm isi.nc; it is bound by its contract to ensure the confidentiality of the data it holds, and strictly prohibited from sharing them with third parties, or to put them to any other use.

"Contact us":

Only the people directly involved in answering queries received in this manner have access to the personal data contained in the online form which appears when the "Contact us" button is clicked.

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