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Since 2010, SODEMO has resumed its activities as provider of development and construction services in order to assist the Noumea Municipal Council in its urban development programme, particularly in Noumea's central business district.


While SODEMO's "Urban Projects" team focuses on projects within Noumea, it is also involved in projects in other municipalities for different clients.

The "Urban Projects" team deals with project coordination, feasibility and marketing studies and project management for urban development schemes. It can provide a wide range of services to assist the Principal in carrying out major construction projects, including seconding senior SODEMO personnel experienced in operating and managing public facilities and infrastructure..

The team is adept at bringing together a wide variety of professionals in order to bring to fruition the tasks with which it has been entrusted. It is also able to guide and assist local, metropolitan French and foreign participants.

Our major activities include:

  • Civil works and project management, particularly undertaken on behalf of the City of Noumea, but also on behalf of other clients, both public and private
  • Master-planning of future multiple-use development areas in Noumea
  • Project coordination and assistance to the Principal for civil engineering projects
  • Feasibility, scheduling and market studies for proposed construction projects, in order to assist in the decision making processParticipation in setting up the corporate structure of complex real-estate development projects on public land regrouping public and private financing, and in their management.